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Conference Agenda

2nd Annual Earth Temple Forum Agenda

26th, June, 2011 16:15-18:00

Beijing International Hotel

Session Ten Production Chain Development of Panda Standard (Draft)

China's VER market will encounter its crucial opportunities in the 12th Five Year Plan Period with the development of international market and domestic mandatory market. As the first China VER Standard, Panda Standard should development its industrial chain to fulfill its commercial potential.


Significance-- and functions of poverty-alleviation-oriented carbon emissions
reduction projects for poverty reduction
Exploration-- of financing channels of VER projects
Panda-- Standard credits generation—potentials and case study of agricultural and
forestry projects in China
Key-- points of generation process of Panda Standard credits
Internal-- demand analysis of Panda Standard: CSR and domestic regional mandatory carbon market
External demand analysis of Panda Standard: AB32 and-- EU aviation regulation

Speakers Invited:

Qingping OU Director of Administrative Center for Foreign Capital Projects, the
State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development
Jeffrey LIANG Head of Programs and Regional Cooperation Unit, PRC Resident
Mission of ADB
Zhang Jianyu Head of EDF China Office
Xiaoquan ZHANG Senior Scientist of Climate Change Project, The Nature Conservancy
Erda LIN Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Environmental and Sustainable
Development in Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
David Rapin Chief Operation Officer of BlueNext, NYSE Euronext

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